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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging


Critical to ensuring the commercial and industrial workplace remain safely in operation. The potential cost impact of a switchboard or distribution board fire can be catastrophic, the small annual cost of monitoring gives real peace of mind.

Temperature, Light, Power, Noise, CO2 & Humidity


All of these environmental conditions affect workers comfort and productivity. Higher levels of CO2 cause drowsiness, this is especially apparent in closed loop airconditioned workspaces.

Solar Panel / Farm Scanning


Thermal Imaging is the only reliable way to review the performance of each panel against the performance warranty without removing the panel entirely and having it factory tested.


About Us


Workplace Environmental Monitoring is a energetic company dedicated to providing safer workplaces by periodic or continuous monitoring of environmental conditions.

Use of the latest technologies, Workplace Environmental Monitoring can reduce downtime by identifying possible issues before they arise.

With 17+ years in the industrial maintenance sector, Workplace Environmental Monitoring is qualified to provide advice based on the detailed analysis provided by state of the art equipment.

Certified in Thermography and accredited with CITA provides peace of mind that your workplace and assets are being correctly monitored, assessed and reported on.

Why Choose WEM?

With over 17 years in the industrial maintenance sector allows WEM to understand the impact of asset failure and the implications of poor working conditions. Monitoring of these items, allows for an increased MTBF and lower instances of workers compensation claims.

WEM understands Australian Standards and Industry Codes Of Practice. This understanding has been achieved through implementation of AS4801 accreditated safety management processes at local and national levels of organisations.

Recent Activities

IT Bunker Upgrade - Port Hedland


Working under AMS Group, a recent upgrade of the server racks within the IT bunker at the Pilbra Port Authority required a thermal scan of the bunker to understand any thermal leakages that may affect the upgrade. 

Power consumption, temperature, humidity and CO2 levels were  continuously monitored over a 2 week period to understand any performance impacts of the project.


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Payments can be made easily and securely utilising PayPal. Please use your unique quote number in the reference description section. Payments can also be made over the phone or directly to the thermographer on the day.

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